How to avoid fatigue driving during you long motorcycle travel

Riding a Harley motorcycle is more physically demanding that driving an automobile. Single Harley riders are easy to be relaxed and even sleepy with the abundance of fresh air and the rolling road, especially for a long ride. Many Harley riders may think it is impossible to fall asleep when they are riding on Harley Davidson. But it is the truth. There are many factors that can lead to drowsiness and sleepiness on the Harley bikes, which will cause a serious accident or a fatal result. If you are riding with your Harley girl, it is an essential topic that you two need to discuss and figure out ways to deal with. Here are some basic guidelines for men and women Harley riders to avoid becoming tired and falling asleep on a long distance motorcycle trip.

Physical preparation
For bikers who don’t ride their motorcycles every day or take short rides every week, they may not completely adapt to their bikes. And they will feel the muscles pain and soreness after one or two full day of riding on the open road. Those bikers can regularly and properly set up their bikes or fit components on the bikes to overcome the discomfort. Besides, Harley riders need to adapt their bodies by taking breaks every hour or two. Don’t just think about riding and riding.

Try your best to have rest
It seems a little bit hard to sleep adequately during a multi-day ride. You may not sleep well during the first nights of your journey with the different surroundings and the sore muscles. And if you are camping, you may get less sleep due to the weather and the conditions. Thus, the best solution is to increase your sleeping hours for a week before riding out, which will make you to be stronger and more prepared for the long distance journey. Don’t try to use alcohol to help you go to sleep, cause it will only reduce the quantity and quality of sleep.

Proper motorcycle riding gear
Exposure to wind and sun for a long time will dehydrate and fatigue single Harley riders more than a usual short ride. It is better to wear a full face helmet or an open face with face shield which can protect riders’ faces from the wind. The smartest way to reduce sunburn and windburn is covering yourself fully.

Clear vision
Riders will feel disoriented, tired or even headaches if their windscreens, visors or sunglasses are distorted or unclear. So, if your face shield or sunglasses are optically imperfect, just replace them before your ride. And check your vision prior to your departure.

What is more? Try to find more ways on some biker dating sites since many single bikers there are discussing about how to take a biker girl to ride for a long travel, and how to plan a motorcycle camping touring. You can post your ideas on those dating sites for motorcycle riders only and get some profession tips from other veteran motorcycle riders.

5 Dating Tips for Harley Riders to Meet up for love

As long as you are a Harley motorcycle rider (women Harley rider or Harley guy), you may want to meet and ride with someone who is also a Harley Davidson motorcyclist enthusiast and can share the motorcycle riding lifestyle as yours. This article is to share some interesting dating ideas from other single motorcycle riders. When you have a dating plan with your Harley match, you need to find some common interest of you both first. Riding out together is your first choice since you two are rider. But ride for what? Blow are 6 funny ideas for your first motorcycle date with your special biker girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Riding for a Coffee
After some days or weeks of online communication with your girl or boy Harley partner, you can try to invite her or him to ride out together for a coffee as long as you two are in the same city or town. It is a good idea that you two can ride for a short motorcycle travel on one motorcycle. As a girl, you can try to ride on the back of your Harley man for your first riding out. Riding on one motorcycle gives you two more chances to communicate with each other, and talk more about him and you.  As a veteran motorcycle rider, he must know how to take care of you when riding on the road or in the street.

2.Riding to a Mountain
If you two have meet in real life for several times, and you both two want to try some motorcycle adventure, please try to plan a little long riding tour to a mountain near your city. As you know, all bikers including biker men or women have a character of adventure, so they always like to try some new things including riding on some new roads with new friends. Try to invite some of your riding partners to ride with you together for the factor of safety. What is more? It will help you know more about your biker boy or girl when you ride with his or her friends. They will tell you more about your biker friend's life.

3. Riding to the beach.
It is a most romantic scene when you take your girl to ride on the beach. When you know your biker girl's favorite subject is shells spotted on beach walks, it is time to plan a beach dating since you will have a great time with her. Rding to the seafront in your area and park the bike in the car park. Do not park your Harley motorcycle on the sandbeach since it will influence others. Kiss your girl when find a fit opportunity to say love.

4. Riding on the Favorite Roads of Your Two
There is nothing more romantic than riding on the road you two ever rided. That was fortunate for you when your Harley match can share the same things with you. Then, it is definitely a surprise that you two can share the same road connecting you two. Invit your boy to ride out for a lunch first, then enjoy the nice time of riding together on the same road on which you two ever ride when you born to ride.

5. Riding for a motorcycle tour or camping date.
Invite some biker friends and plan a long travel for about 5 or 7 days. A long motorcycle travel can help know more about someone's all-round ability including the EQ and IQ. For a long travel, you must invite some of your riding partners who can help more. After a long motorcycle travel, you two will know each other more. It is useful for you to decide to marry or split up.

These dating tips are provided by the biker dating site Biker Planet. Publishes New Dating App For Biker Singles

BikerKiss recently released a new dating app for bikers members to find the right kind of matches easily and quickly.

BikerKiss is known to be one of the best and the most reliable dating services for single Harley women and men. Since its inception in 2001, very few websites have been able to match the level of proficiency offered by the website. Considering the fact that most biker singles seem to have less time to answer the messages and see the profiles of other bikers on computer, BikerKiss announced the publication of a new dating app to its users recently.

The new dating app is going to make it easier for motorcycle riders to get more right kind of results based on their needs. When using a dating site app for Harley motorcycle riders, biker singles are able to answer messages and have a great chat with someone who seems like a good match for them on the go. The great feature of the dating app is that it will allow you to know if other bikers leave a new message for you. Thus, they won’t miss any messages and lose the chance to get contact with the one who is really interested in them, which ensures biker members to find the right person as soon as possible. Sometimes the soulmate may be just one click away from you and you really don’t want to let the chance slip just because you reply the messages a little bit late. Most biker dating sites, like BikerKiss have been always tried their best to provide the best and the most powerful resources to make its members’ dating experience better.

Just like you are on the desktop version of Biker Kiss, the dating app is absolutely free of cost and users can access all the features of the site. You just don’t need to log into the site on a computer to chat with your potential matches.

If you are a single biker and love traveling on your motorcycles, or you don’t have much time for online dating, then installing the new dating app provided by BikerKiss can be the best choice to find your best biker date online. Wherever you go, the biker dating app will allow you to keep in touch with your dating matches on BikerKiss.

You can try the second biker dating site Biker Plaent, when you can not find your love on BikerKiss. BikerPlanet is a big biker dating site for motorcycle riders to find their special lover.

Harley Motorcycle Camping while Your Harley Bike Touring

Most Harley motorcycle riders like to explore different places on their own bikes. They call it the adventure of motorcycles. Some Harley riders even spend days going through the nearby suburbs by camping, while some will choose to go to a hotel or motel for the night. Although both Harley motorcycle touring and camping are great, Harley camping may well be more exciting and fun. Why? Here are the distinctions between motorcycle touring and camping.

For Harley riders, motorcycle touring and camping are the easiest ways to enjoy the freedom of bikes and explore the beauty of the countryside. To be more specific, they may provide Harley riders an opportunity to reunite themselves with their precious bikes and the great nature. And it is also the best way to develop the romantic relationship with your Harley Davidson girl. After the motorcycle touring and camping, you will find that you love each other more because you have more beautiful memories between you and your motorcycle babe.

However, for a newbie who would like to take this adventure of a Harley motorcycle trip and camping, it is best to know the difference between this two kinds of adventure and the preparation they need to do before the trip.

Harley motorcycle camping is much more exciting than motorcycle touring. It enables motorcycle riders to enjoy the outside world completely. Bikers can totally enjoy the road, cook over a wide open fire, and sleep outdoors with the bike near them and the stars above. Besides, if you are dating a biker girl, it will be the best time for you to be alone. What about motorcycle touring? In fact, the only difference between motorcycle touring and motorcycle camping is that you don’t need to set up a tent and cook your own food. You just head out for a long journey and spend the night at a motel or Inn rather than sleeping outdoors.

So, camping is the best and easiest way to enjoy nature if you are an adventurous Harley rider. And appropriate equipment and gears are the key to a successful motorcycle camping. Except for the necessary biking gear, camping gear is important. Since you are going to camp out, you have to prepare yourself something like clothes, tent, meals, waterproof canvas, sleeping bag, cooking gear, cooking and eating stuffs, maintenance and emergency kits, torch and money. Among them, tent and food are the most important things to prepare. Meals need to be two kinds, perishable and non-perishable. Tent need to have good ventilation and should be waterproof.

Well, it is always good to try something new in your Harley motorcycle life. If you haven’t had a motorcycle camping on your motorcycle touring, then you should try it. With adequate preparation, a motorcycle camping can take you to feel more than you can imagine about the freedom and the nature.

6 Creative Ways for Harley riders to Say I Love You

It's been a while since you first met your special biker man or HD woman and everything goes well. There are awkward moments when you feel you love your Harley lover but you do not know how to express it. You are unwilling to say “I love you” in a straight way, then what? To help you express your love to your Harley guy or Harley girl without necessarily saying anything at all, here are some creative ways for men and women Harley riders to show their special love.

1. Write it on the helmet
When your Harley motorcycle date come to your home or you go to his or her home, pretend to clean the helmet. With this opportunity, leave a message on the glass face cover of the helmet. The next time, when he or she ready to have a ride, the message will surprise your Harley biker date and make him or her love you more.

2. Blog about it
If you two met on an online biker dating sites or Harley dating website, maybe you two like to surf on internet. You can consider creating a blog that all about the life you share together, like the path you ride together, the photo of you two with your motorcycle and so on. The most important thing is writing the sweet messages you want your match to know.

3. Love puzzle
Give your Harley match a gift of puzzle out of one of his or her favorite Harley motorcycles or a ready-made puzzle with sweet messages on it. This way will surely make your first date feel your love without saying anything.

4. A toast to remember
Breakfast is the most important meal to open one's heart and mind. Make a special breakfast for your Harley boy or girl. Use the inexpensive silicone toast-topper to print your love message onto the breakfast treat. And surprise him or her when your biker is still in the dream.

5. Say it in different languages
If you think saying “I love you” to your biker date is easy and frumpy, try to say it in different languages. Say it in French (Je t'aine), Finnish (Mina rakastan sinua) or Chinese (Wo ai ni). If you are not sure about the pronunciation, you can write these words down a paper to show your biker that you are romantic.

6. In a book
Choose an exquisite book to put together your relationship. Write down the first place you met, the first dating place, and other important steps and landmarks in your relationship with your biker. Find a proper occasion and show your biker guy or biker girl the book.

3 Tips for dating a Harley rider

Two famous biker couple on their first dating road

Single Harley women can hook up with a biker man on a biker dating site, or in the bike lane. Biking is a great flirtation tool for female motorcycle riders. Maybe many biker women don't know how to date a biker on the road. Here are some wonderful tips to share.

1. Harley biker women should make some small troubles to their motorcycles, like letting some air out of the tire, which will offer an opportunity to a biker man to get close to them. Don’t ever doubt it that all men wish to be a knight to help gorgeous ladies, especially female riders who share the same passion for motorcycles. The troubles and the face of distress will definitely attract at least one biker guy to help. But biker ladies should make sure the troubles happen in an area where has lots of bikes passing by. You don’t want to walk your bike home if there is no biker coming to you. Or you can prepare a back-up mini pump or other useful tools in your bag.

And biker guys, you don’t want to lose a chance to date a beautiful Harley Davidson woman. Please believe that biker girls will be very grateful for you if you help them out. Even if you can’t start a romantic relationship, there is a great chance you will be good friends.

2. When women Harley riders meet someone in the biker lane, or someone park his motorcycle near them, challenge him to have a race with you. For example, tell him to ride to the local coffee shop, and the loser buys coffee for winner. This way will definitely provoke biker men's interest and get sometime with biker men. Just remember if biker men accept your challenge, be safe and don't ride so fast to win the race. Gentlemen will pay the bill for ladies.

3. Compliment is the easiest way to gain a man's heart. Harley guys really like to be told that they are sexy on their bikes, or how fast when they riding their bikes. And a biker girl can also tell a biker man how great his butt is in his tight biking pants, which will make him pleased. But a little bit risky for biker guy to use on a biker lady. How to flatter a Harley bike woman? You can say something like that, “Look at you, your legs look so hot and tight on your motorcycle. It seems like you find yourself a great way to work out.”

Women Who Ride Harley Motorcycles Are More Happier

Have you ever felt that it is difficult to find happiness in life? Obviously, women living in this time are hard to feel happy. Well, a study conducted by the first biker dating site shows you a bright way to regain the precious happiness: just buy a Harley motorcycle and ride out on the open road.

The study interviewed respectively one thousand female Harley riders and female non-riders. And it found that women who ride a Harley motorcycle score higher on all marks of happiness than those who take other means of transportation and never ride. There is a comparison between these two kinds of women:
37 percent of riders vs. 16 percent of non-riders always feel happy
27 percent of riders vs. 7 percent of non-riders always feel sexy
35 percent of riders vs. 18 percent of non-riders always feel confident

According to this study, women who ride their Harley Davidson motorcycles are apparently happier than those who don't ride in daily life, in relationships and even in sex life. Among those women Harley riders, more than half of them think their motorcycle is the key for them to feel happy and nearly three in four of them believe that motorcycle riding has made their life improved. In fact, riding a Harley motorcycle on the road is an extreme way for women bikers to feel free to enjoy the moment and to express themselves to the fullest. That’s why female bikers are more easier to be happier and to feel more fulfilled. Apart from the study, there are lots of stories on those women websites that shows it is easier for women riders to feel happy, fulfilled and to enjoy the life to the fullest.

On the other side, riding Harley Davidson can improve relationships for female bikers. Except for the positive impact on women riders' lives, it also shows that riding can improve their relationships with others, especially their closest ones. Among them, about 60 percent of riders and only 38 percent of non-riders communicate with their beloved ones around them regularly. And about 51 percent of riders and only 35 percent of non-riders like to have physical intimacy with their significant ones. We all know that stress can make the relationships between the couples more tense. Since women riders are easier to feel happy and fulfilled, there will be much less stress in their lives, which will improve their relationships greatly.

So, it can be concluded that women who love riding are much happier than those who don't ride. And Riding is such a great thing for women bikers to keep a good mood and maintain a romantic relationship with their biker men.

Harley Riders Dating Over 40

Harley Davidson singles over 40 dating with local riders
Harley Davidson singles, do you feel it is hard to meet an ideal single Harley rider in your area? The answer is probably yes. Most of single motorcycle riders are over 40 years old and meeting new men and women for love seems something impossible, let alone meet new single bikers. If you are a single Harley Davidson rider and see motorcycle riding as a way of life and you are looking for your dream biker to share your passion with, then it is highly recommended to try Harley Davidson dating websites. Don't be stopped by the thought that the online dating service is for the young and you are too old to handle it. Survey shows that there is a fast growing number of biker singles over 40 on the biker dating websites. It is for sure the online dating is perfectly suitable for motorcycle singles like you.

However, as a biker over 40, you need to do a little extra work to make it easily to meet your another dream biker and to build a long-lasting loving relationship.

1. Be your boss
Being your boss means be in charge of your experience. Online biker dating indeed offers you thousands of chances to meet new single motorcycle riders quickly. At the same time, you are not going to allow yourself lost in this completely new way of meeting new bikers. So, you should learn to set several guidelines about how you want to take advantage over it and not to let it influence your normal life. For example, you should consider how many hours will you spend each day? What things you shouldn't tell a date online? What kind of bikers do you really want?    

2. Stand out
You have to face that the ratio of women and men will be serious imbalanced as you age, which means there are more women than men. It applies to biker singles as well. In view of this fierce competition, single biker women need to stand up and stand out for single biker men to get notice of you. First of all, the photos in your profile are essential to this battle. It is said that over 80% of bikers decide to date someone based on their dating photos alone. So make sure you choose the best photos or get your pictures done professionally, which will help your profile stand out from the crowd.

3. Be honest
Do you really want to find a single biker that can share the rest of your life together? Then you should be honest on the dating site. It doesn't mean you have to expose all your personal information. Start with your pictures. Just pick lovely and current pictures, not those from many years ago.

4. Check your baggage
Baggage here means your nasty divorce, money troubles or children issues. It's time for you to review all your checklists and try to deal with them. Do not mention that at the beginning of your date. You do not want to scare your dream biker away quickly.

Find your special Harley matches online

 Harley Dating Sites
Almost all Harley Davidson riders have confidence that they are unique and valuable in this world. They believe they are born to ride and mean something to this biker planet and they will make distinct mark on this earth. Another belief in their mind is that there is somebody out there who will be a part of their life and will always understand them. Thus, it's time for single Harley riders to try their best to find the destined one for them. If there is no better way in your real life, the online dating may be a better choice to take, especially for Harley motorcyclists.

Not long ago, many men or women Harley riders thought that the online dating was unreliable and they were not real on the site. They didn't believe they would actually meet some Harley lover who are suitable for them. Nowadays, almost everyone has riding friends who meet on the Harley dating website. And there are more and more married couples who lead a happy life who met online.

If you are a guy Harley rider or want to find a Harley girl to be your soul mate, then Harley dating sites are suitable for you. All the best dating websites have a huge member base and powerful search system, which will help you find at least one ideal date. You can try websites like Bikerkiss or

It is essential to upload at least one favorable recent photo with high quality when you put your dating profile, it will increase your chances for success dramatically. A picture includes you and your Harley bike will be much better. All biker users especially women motorcycle riders will be attracted by the first good impression. You will get overwhelming number of e-mails or messages with the help of your tempting photos. Thus, you have lots of people to choose from.

Every Harley dating site requires some personal information about yourself. The basic information will be seen by others. So try to make it simple and highlight your strength and virtue in your profile. Don't provide false messages that don't describe the real you. You can just be yourself. And don't fill in unnecessary things like you are still hurting from your ex-relationship or something that will push others away. Try your best to show that you are fun and easy-going.

Make it clear that what kind of motorcycle riders you would like to meet. And browse through profiles on the dating site by location, age, interest, motorcycle types and so on. Don't wait someone else to contact with you. The chances are controlled by yourself. Don't let him skip away.

After you've been kept in touch for a while and you think you can fully trust this person, the next step is to talk on the phone. For insurance reasons, you can use a disposable phone number. This way will help you know others better. Communicating on the site is different from communicating with the phone. If you feel uncomfortable or bad, you can simply stop this conversation with a gentle way.

Just go ahead, choose Harley dating websites to find that person who matches you.

Biker Planet dating site for Harley riders - BikerPlaent Review

Online dating industry develops fast in recent years to meet the needs of people who are interested in finding their right ones on the website. There is a unique group of people – Harley riders who demands tailor-made dating websites, which leads to the appearance of Harley dating websites. It is one of the youngest online segment in this industry and did not get much attention until the inception of Harley Davidson motorcycle, a kind of bike having high engine capacities. This generation of bikers is long for a rider companion who shares common interests with them, so that they can ride together and talk about things that people outside this circle do not understand.

BikerPlanet is such a reliable platform with a good deal of features that will do huge favors to its Harley members to find their perfect Harley matches near or far away. Let's check out what service this site can offer you.

You will get a positive impression the first time you log onto Biker Planet. There is a picture of a pinup lady riding on a bike, which will definitely increase your curiosity. And then you will notice that the options of the navigation are logically implemented, which makes it more easy to access and use. Getting start to find your ideal match by creating a free profile to be a standard member firstly. This way will allow you to complete a comprehensive profile for others to know you, add pictures of you and your Harley bikes, search for other Harley singles on the site, send flirts to the ones you are interested and so on. Standard membership is great for there is no limit to the validity, you can keep the membership as long as you want.

However, these functions are not fairly enough for you to get your biker partners and dates. And it does not work for a standard member to send emails or messages to any other users or to read emails or messages from a premium user. So, if you are serious about your searching, you should upgrade to full membership without any hesitation. Or there is a huge chance to loss the ones you are interested just with only 30 flirts for free.

You have three options to choose from:
- 5 day trial period for $4.99.
- 1 month membership for $27.99
- 3 month membership for $13.33 per month (Billed at $39.99)

If you intend to upgrade to premium membership on, you can pay the bill by check or credit card or money order (directly from your bank account). Then you will be able to access all the functions on the site and have more fun.

Today, we talked about three advantage of Biker Plaent, which is the massive membership base, the highly efficient search algorithm and the acceptance of multiple global currencies. With so many strengths to support it, it is for sure that this site is a outstanding platform for single biker women and men to find their special biker dates and friends.

The number of Harley women is on the rise

With the accelerated pace of life and social, women get more pressure which causes them to find some ways to lighten their lives. There are many ways to release pressure and relax. For modern urban women, it is very nice to speed time on the street and country path, so women riders can be seen everywhere. Harley ladies are becoming more and more popular when single men select their dates. To become a women motorcycle rider, you should understand motorcycles firstly before choosing your special type of bike. It is a superexcellent opportunity to get closer to motorcycle when you become some biker guy's riding partner. Before controlling your own Harley motorcycle, you should first learn to enjoy the stimulation of the wind roared and loosening yourself since almost all female motorcycle riders are becoming from passenger rider. As a real motorcycle driver, you can control everything, experience different life through all kinds of ways of riding as you want. That is why female passengers want to become a Harley driver.

Another key reason for the increasing of female bikers is that Harley women can ride by themselves to some funny or special places wherever they are ready to ride without any hesitancy. A perfect Harley Davidson motorcycle always gives women unique image such as heartthrob, liberty, individuality and even sexual fantasy, which may be the main reason why Harley-Davidson stands out from all types of motorcycle brand and why it is ranked as the top choice of women riders in the world. In other words, Harley women represent the majority people in the community of female motorcycle riders all over the world. We can't figure out how many Harley riders around the globe, but a survey shows that 30 million women choose motorcycle as vehicle in America by 2015. Although it is popular to ride motorcycle in US, it stunned an army of people.

It is worth remembering that a female rider is nothing without teammate, even if she have a very nice cool Harley motorcycle. Lots of women did not get to know the importance of joining biker clubs or some online dating sites for riders. Harley women can not enjoy different riding experiences and show their different identity, until they start to connect with the guys who are in some biker organizations. In fact, not just female riders, but all motorcycle men feel solitary if they ride alone on a hollowness street since biker lifesyle is about something more than group riding with friends. As a senior female biker, how can you tolerate others treate you as a beginning rider? So, I would like to give most Harley ladies an advice to join some great motorcycle groups such as H.O.G, East Side Moto Babes,, and so on. Those group, clubs or online dating sites will give you more chances to meet local men and women Harley riders. is dedicated to connecting single Harley riders together for love

Join the Harley dating site to find your special Harley match.
Two pairs of Harley couples riding out together to enjoy an outing at the weekend
Riding in the sun with a biker lady or motorcycle man you love is great happy moment that every biker has dreamed of for a long time. Taking a special biker babe on the back of your motorcycle and enjoying the wind blowing on your face is also a romantic thing for all biker sin the world. It may be a little difficult for some riders to find someone who is also loving riding custom Harley and all types of motorcycle, but if you be a part of, it could be easy to achieve your dream of moving on the road together with your Harley match.

Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that is the number one dating website globally available for motorcycle enthusiasts, especially for Harley riders who are looking to meet their ideal Harley matches and lifetime partners. As the number of motorcycle lovers and true Harley bikers increased, those single Harley women and men desperately need a place where they can meet up with local riding enthusiasts. With the sanctuary, they can find some special one who can not only fall in love with them but also understand their riding lifestyle and habits. with the world-class dating service which was designed by applications specialists. Not only that, but those dating features are tailored by some veteran bikers. As a result, you can find many special dating functions which are customized for biker only. So if you are not a true biker or would not like dating a biker, you will not understand how to use the site's features. With tens of thousands of registered Harley riders on the site, you can define your search scope and find some local people who can share your riding interests and hobbies. The site is built by us and for us, so if you know someone who love motorcycle riding like you, please recommend this Harley dating community to him or her. They will appreciate the chance you give them to connect with thousands of local riders.

Signing up on the Harley Davidson dating website is very easy and simple. You just need to decide your username & password and enter your email address in the first registration page. Then select some dating parameters such as your bike type, your riding hobbies etc. on the second registration page. It is important to write something about you and your match on this page. Of course, adding a photo will help you get more emails or messages from other users. Members on the site love to see what you are riding, too. Fortunately, there is a special feature named "Motorcycle Show" on the site.

Your dating profile will not appear in the search result of other users until the webmaster preview all your information and photos. This review process will ensure you will not meet any scammer that you ever encountered on other dating sites. On, you can have four kinds of photo galleries such as profile photos, motorcycle photos, tattoo show photos and fashion show photos. This ensure you can see lots of quality dating profiles with many good-looking and full-dimensional photos which shows different aspects of a people. Your profile will be publicly viewed by more members when you have more photos than others.

There are many free features you can enjoy as a standard member on, but if you want to initiate email other biker women or biker men there, you had better consider upgrading your membership to gold member. Mingling with local biker singles and friends is just two steps of registration with If you are still single and looking to fall love with someone who like both motorcycle and you, then you should put your profile on

Join the No.1 Harley Dating Site and Stop Your Evenings alone

Are you are single biker and still riding alone on your lonely road? Are you eager to find a soul mate to ride with you and share your passion after years of toiling alone? If your answer is yes, read this article carefully since it will really help you. is specially tailored for people like you. It is a specialized biker dating site online for people who are looking to hook up with other sexy biker girls or hot biker men.

As a single biker lady, do you realize that most biker guys near you treat you with more respect than other women who spend much time on improving their appearance? Why? The most important ornament of a biker woman is the motorcycle she ride and the characteristic of independent alone with riding lifestyle. As a motorcycle man, has you ever observed that women want biker men with at least some send of confidence, which will add to sexual attractiveness. As a result, there are many single women join the Harley dating site for purpose of meeting biker guys like you. They may not own their motorcycle but they would like to find a biker soul mate to ride as his passenger. The best accessory of a biker man is a sexy babe on the back of his motorcycle? Most biker men will say "yes" if you ask them this question.

It is the right moment to achieve your dream of finding your special biker man or meeting your soul biker mate. Join the Harley Davidson dating site for free now and start to connecting with thousands of local Harley singles. Joining Harley Dating website is 100% free. You just need to enter your username, email address and location at the firt registration page. After that you can create your dating profile by selecting many options that site have provides. At the end of the second registration page, you need to write something about you and your match. Be the most explicit possible. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is better to add some of your photos if you are not good at writing your detailed information.

Build your Harley dating network by joining motorcycle clubs and biker websites online

Chasing girls on highway is not a safe way for building your Harley dating network. If you are a single Harley man and thinking how to meet a local single motorcycle girl for love during a drag racing, maybe you are far away from danger. The most safe and dependable way for setting up your Harley dating network is joining some local motorcycle clubs and Harley dating sites online. Meeting new Harley girl friends in clubs or online then invite them to ride out together is the most easy choice for you. Keeping connecting with your biker friends you will know many local clubs, so I will only recommend a Harley dating site to you --- which is customized for Harley riders only. The site is built by Harley riders and for Harley riders. Try to be a part of it to enlarge your Harley dating network.

Harley dating is not just a concept

Harley Dating is not just a concept that the bride and groom riding on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Harley dating is not only about love, but about a lifestyle --- Harley biker lifestyle. Harley parking on  the green grass is only a short stay, Harley moving on the open road should be a lifestyle in you lifetime.

Dating Harley Riders takes efforts

When you are holding a Harley rider's hand, you tend to believe that he is the one that will stay with you for your whole life.The love and marriage is a lesson and art, love need training just like your Harley motorcycle requiring repairs, tire changes, and fuel re fills.

Dating Harley Davidson rider needs to have confidence

For women, it may take about an hour to have a crush on a man just because of his singular appearance, and take about one day to like a biker man just for his confidence. It may take only one minute for women to love a Harley Davidson rider because his confident, optimistic and humor in his blood. But it takes a lifetime to forget a Harley man if you select to leave him, so you need confidence to love a Harley rider. You should all love him including his Harley biker lifestyle.

Harley Riders Dating for love and riding

Single Harley Riders Dating are not only for love but also for riding partner. Riding Harley is not only a two wheel vehicles but also a lifestyle.  So as a Harley dating site, the website should provide more special service not only for dating, but also for Harley riding culture. is for women harley riders and harley men to meet up for dating and support.

Harley Dating Network built by Single Harley Riders

There are thousands of Harley davidon sites on the internet, but is the first Harley dating network built by single Harley riders and for Harley singles. It is worth trying since the site was built by people like you.

Harley Davidson Site provides dating harley dating service

If you are a single Harley rider and are looking for other single Harley riders, finding a right Harley Davidson site is the first step. Harley dating service should be the first focus feature of the Harley Davidson site. is a great Harley Davidson dating site for single Harley women and men to meet up for love and more.