HarleyDatingSite.net is the best Harley dating site for riders

HarleyDatingSite.net offers a lot of free services and features for users to try with it as a free member. Before joining in, you may easily search local profiles by quick search. Then check if there are single biker girls or Harley driver boys that you are interested in. If yes, you may have a free try to sign up and create a profile and upload at most 27 photos to a photo album on Harley Dating Site. After your profile be submitted successfully, you could get winks, comments,contact emails or chat invitations from other biker singles who are interested in your profile.

Sign up for free
Harley Dating Site is easy and free to sign up. Just input the username, password, email address, gender, location you can get the login account easily. Then follow 3 steps to create your profile. These pages need you to offer some details about yourself and your ideal match. The process will not be doll or complicated. All you need to do is to find the right description or option in drop and drag list of answers. The page is neat and simple. At last there are two areas to write something by your own words in About Me and About My Match. Also an important thing you need to do is upload some recent and beautiful photos to upload to your album. That will bring you more chance of finding your potential ideal single biker find or like-minded match who loves motorcycles too.

With a complete porfile and photo album, you'd better come back to update them frequently to keep it active and be displayed in a better position in search results of other biker users.

Search Tools
You can search easily by yourself or just browse the filtered profile list the system provided for you. Seach by location, username, keywords or some detailed criteria about your match. The basic search is matched with your criterias and it will be saved as the default setting till you changed your criterias of match. You can easily change these criterias as anytime. And it's easy for you to add interested ones to your favorited list or remove/hide someone if you don't like them.

HarleyDatingSite.net is the top one in unique biker dating sites world. It is not the biggest one in general dating field. But it's the best choice for Harley single girls or motorcycle riding men to find biker friends or long-term relationship with someone who has the same hobby with you.

How to contact
You may send winks to users who you are interested in. And you may reply to emails or online chat directly if someone initiate the contact to you. For gold members, they can initiate the online chat or send email to anyone they are interested in. And you may send gift at some special days like birthday. Commennts on others is a good method to show your interest to others.

Help and support
HarleyDatingSite.net offers a full choice of help methods to single bikers. The support team can help you to upload photograph to your proifle, change your proiflel settings, verify your photo, age, education, career, remove someone you don't like from your listing. And there are some detailed FAQ pages for reference. Some dating tips and success dating stories from other users can help you to find your own dreammed lovers. The online counselor about motorcycle or biker life will answer your questions online. 24 hours/7 days email and phone number is always with you.

HarleyDatingSite.net is a biker dating site that has a long biker dating history and can also offers you the most simple and efficient features. It is customized for Harley singles, motorcycle driver girls and biker boys to find friendship or lifetime relationship and share their biker life with. If you are a true and serious biker singles, HarleyDatingSite is the best choice to help you find biker love and fun.

BikerOrNot is a great biker social and dating site

Differs from other general dating site, BikerOrNot is an unique match making community for people who love motorcycle,drive it or just being a passenger. Do you like ride on any open road to enjoy the warm sunshine and the brushing of breeze on your skin and feel your heart flying with your/her hair? If yes, you must eagerly want to find someone to share the feeling. The most important thing for you is to find a good reputation biker dating site with a lot of active real single bikers. BikerOrNot could be a good choice in this segment as it's the first, biggest and most active safe biker dating site.

BikerOrNot Dating Site highlights:
Become "Certified Harley biker" by sending their bike driving license.
Upload unlimited number of Harley photos and biker tattoo photos
Select to looking for riding passenger or a available motorcycle backseat
search biker friends by searching with their bike types

The first biker dating site launched in 2001.
Safe place for users' personal data including payment information.
Allied with more than 700 Harley motorcycle clubs in US, UK, Canada and Australia. 500,000+ Harley riders have joined the site.
A pack of features help user find compatible match easy and soon

Profile is not viewable until submitted by censor system. Support staff check users'profiles one by one to make sure no fake one or scammer committed.
Cost more if pay by monthly. Advise to choose the 6-months package that equivalent to $16 per month.

Join in for free

It's 100% free to sign up and gain an impressive profile. Offer a valid email address, username, password, age, ethnicity, height, gender and location to get an account successfully. You may create your profile now or later. The following steps need some time to complete the profile. However, these pages are simple and easy due to the drag and drop functionality. Choose the right answer of questions about yourself and your match. In this process, you should be honest, patient, open and positive. At last, find some recent wonderful photos to upload. As you know, pictures are more convincing than words. Now it's done but not end. Come back to check your profile page frequently and adding some photos or update some information to make sure the profile are fresh and attractive. As an active member, you will find your profile always be listed at the top of search results. n

Search and browse
Search tools is important for finding potential match or someone you are interested in. Other sites offer the basic search tool then you need to browse them one by one. While Harley Dating Site has a more telling advantage about search tools and browsing lists. Quick search is open for all users that allows users to search by basic information like age, gender, location. Advanced search enable users to choose all detailed criterias about the match to narrow down the choices to get potential match easily. And there are other search tools including username, backseat or passenger, Location, new member, compatible matches, reverse matches.

In addition, users can browse profiles in "My list". There are a lot of list collected with compatible matches for users convenience. See how professional and considerable the website is by checking these items: Winked at me, emailed me, viewed me, interested in me, requested my photo, Liked my photo, My favorite, private album request,private album access, answered my questions. No doubt, these lists can give you a boost to find your match.

When you find single biker you liked or someone is interested in you, you may add them to the favorite list, send them free winks and comments. Blog and forum are free and popular, users can post messages and start a new topic to share biker life and stories with other biker singles.

Feature for upgraded members could make it easy and direct to communicate with other users.
Initiate email or chat online
Hide profile from someone you don't like
Top listed profile in search results
Certified Harley biker to get more trust
Set profile as privacy
Check the list of who has viewed your profile
Add favorite profile and view who has added you to their favorite list

Subscription price
To search easily and experience full access to all features, users need to choose a payment package to upgrade to a gold member.
1 month: $29.95 (equivalent to $1 per day) This is suggested for a trial of the website to see whether it is suitable for you.
3 months: $59.95 (equivalent to $20 per month) This package can save you a lot and enable you to communicate with users and know each other in depth.
6 months: $95.95  (equivalent to $16 per month) If you love the website and enjoy their services, you'd better choose this package. It is certainly good value for money.

Customer Services:
For any question and problem, users can easily get help through FAQ, dating advice & safety tips and contact by email or online chat. Further more, 24/7 available on phone call to make sure you are supported by a dedicated customer service team.

In a word, Harley Dating Site is such the number one dating platform customized for biker singles. It's worthwhile to give it a try to enjoy unique biker features, powerful search tools, considerable match lists, professional services, strong customer support.

What you need to know about cheating

Cheating, has always been a taboo in all kinds of relationship and among the Harley dating sites for Harley motorcycle riders, unfaithful behavior reminds on the top of the list of most debatable, yet a viral topic for all the motorcycle enthusiasts. Especially after the infamous cheating issue of veteran Harley biker get busted on the internet, an increasing number of single Harley riders would love to know more about more related to cheating and with a purpose to improve the quality of biker dating with your Harley male or Harley female.
Almost all the Harley motorcycle lovers grew up with the monogamous culture and are filled with the idea that all the behaviors related to infidelity should be condemned. However, nowadays, with a society getting increasingly accepting with the time goes by, cheating in the motorcycle community is no longer a black and white case. Since the fact that a motorcycle fan gets cheated on or betrays his/her partner always reveals a void existing in their current relationship and can sometimes serve as a catalyst to execute the change in order to create a better connection between Harley singles.

To better understand the reason of cheating, following are some examples for your reference.
You can easily notice that a lot of biker men or biker women is in a committed relationship but still keeps an wandering eye for other attractive singles who ride Harley Davidson bike, before you start judging, note that this kind of behavior boils down to the human nature. Either men and women are going to be tempted from one point to another, what important is keep in mind the strains that keeps biker enthusiasts to the one specific Harley partner.

Aside from the rather innocent wandering eye, cheating includes other behaviors that can be considered as “crossing the border”, such as breaking the physical barrier. Let’s be honest, you have had sex with someone else while being in a committed relationship with your men Harley rider or female Harley rider, and there is no time machine to go back and redo what’s already done. Stop hiding from the fact and admit that you had a weak moment and let go the values and also respect for your current motorcycle partner. A committed relationship between two like minded Harley bikers can be fulfilling and meaningful, and in order to have something this wonderful, there are certain sacrifices that you have to make. If not, stop the commitment.

Last but not least, we are talking about the highest level of cheating when it comes users on biker online dating sites. In the most complicated case, is not that you betray your biker lady or biker gentlemen physically, instead, you grow an attachment on the third party. Keep in mind that there is cookie-cut answers to save you from the dilemma, what you need to do now is weigh the circumstance, follow your heart, respect your own feelings in order to make the right decision between two of your girl Harley riders.