3 Tips for dating a Harley rider

Two famous biker couple on their first dating road

Single Harley women can hook up with a biker man on a biker dating site, or in the bike lane. Biking is a great flirtation tool for female motorcycle riders. Maybe many biker women don't know how to date a biker on the road. Here are some wonderful tips to share.

1. Harley biker women should make some small troubles to their motorcycles, like letting some air out of the tire, which will offer an opportunity to a biker man to get close to them. Don’t ever doubt it that all men wish to be a knight to help gorgeous ladies, especially female riders who share the same passion for motorcycles. The troubles and the face of distress will definitely attract at least one biker guy to help. But biker ladies should make sure the troubles happen in an area where has lots of bikes passing by. You don’t want to walk your bike home if there is no biker coming to you. Or you can prepare a back-up mini pump or other useful tools in your bag.

And biker guys, you don’t want to lose a chance to date a beautiful Harley Davidson woman. Please believe that biker girls will be very grateful for you if you help them out. Even if you can’t start a romantic relationship, there is a great chance you will be good friends.

2. When women Harley riders meet someone in the biker lane, or someone park his motorcycle near them, challenge him to have a race with you. For example, tell him to ride to the local coffee shop, and the loser buys coffee for winner. This way will definitely provoke biker men's interest and get sometime with biker men. Just remember if biker men accept your challenge, be safe and don't ride so fast to win the race. Gentlemen will pay the bill for ladies.

3. Compliment is the easiest way to gain a man's heart. Harley guys really like to be told that they are sexy on their bikes, or how fast when they riding their bikes. And a biker girl can also tell a biker man how great his butt is in his tight biking pants, which will make him pleased. But a little bit risky for biker guy to use on a biker lady. How to flatter a Harley bike woman? You can say something like that, “Look at you, your legs look so hot and tight on your motorcycle. It seems like you find yourself a great way to work out.”


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