6 Creative Ways for Harley riders to Say I Love You

It's been a while since you first met your special biker man or HD woman and everything goes well. There are awkward moments when you feel you love your Harley lover but you do not know how to express it. You are unwilling to say “I love you” in a straight way, then what? To help you express your love to your Harley guy or Harley girl without necessarily saying anything at all, here are some creative ways for men and women Harley riders to show their special love.

1. Write it on the helmet
When your Harley motorcycle date come to your home or you go to his or her home, pretend to clean the helmet. With this opportunity, leave a message on the glass face cover of the helmet. The next time, when he or she ready to have a ride, the message will surprise your Harley biker date and make him or her love you more.

2. Blog about it
If you two met on an online biker dating sites or Harley dating website, maybe you two like to surf on internet. You can consider creating a blog that all about the life you share together, like the path you ride together, the photo of you two with your motorcycle and so on. The most important thing is writing the sweet messages you want your match to know.

3. Love puzzle
Give your Harley match a gift of puzzle out of one of his or her favorite Harley motorcycles or a ready-made puzzle with sweet messages on it. This way will surely make your first date feel your love without saying anything.

4. A toast to remember
Breakfast is the most important meal to open one's heart and mind. Make a special breakfast for your Harley boy or girl. Use the inexpensive silicone toast-topper to print your love message onto the breakfast treat. And surprise him or her when your biker is still in the dream.

5. Say it in different languages
If you think saying “I love you” to your biker date is easy and frumpy, try to say it in different languages. Say it in French (Je t'aine), Finnish (Mina rakastan sinua) or Chinese (Wo ai ni). If you are not sure about the pronunciation, you can write these words down a paper to show your biker that you are romantic.

6. In a book
Choose an exquisite book to put together your relationship. Write down the first place you met, the first dating place, and other important steps and landmarks in your relationship with your biker. Find a proper occasion and show your biker guy or biker girl the book.

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