Harley Motorcycle Camping while Your Harley Bike Touring

Most Harley motorcycle riders like to explore different places on their own bikes. They call it the adventure of motorcycles. Some Harley riders even spend days going through the nearby suburbs by camping, while some will choose to go to a hotel or motel for the night. Although both Harley motorcycle touring and camping are great, Harley camping may well be more exciting and fun. Why? Here are the distinctions between motorcycle touring and camping.

For Harley riders, motorcycle touring and camping are the easiest ways to enjoy the freedom of bikes and explore the beauty of the countryside. To be more specific, they may provide Harley riders an opportunity to reunite themselves with their precious bikes and the great nature. And it is also the best way to develop the romantic relationship with your Harley Davidson girl. After the motorcycle touring and camping, you will find that you love each other more because you have more beautiful memories between you and your motorcycle babe.

However, for a newbie who would like to take this adventure of a Harley motorcycle trip and camping, it is best to know the difference between this two kinds of adventure and the preparation they need to do before the trip.

Harley motorcycle camping is much more exciting than motorcycle touring. It enables motorcycle riders to enjoy the outside world completely. Bikers can totally enjoy the road, cook over a wide open fire, and sleep outdoors with the bike near them and the stars above. Besides, if you are dating a biker girl, it will be the best time for you to be alone. What about motorcycle touring? In fact, the only difference between motorcycle touring and motorcycle camping is that you don’t need to set up a tent and cook your own food. You just head out for a long journey and spend the night at a motel or Inn rather than sleeping outdoors.

So, camping is the best and easiest way to enjoy nature if you are an adventurous Harley rider. And appropriate equipment and gears are the key to a successful motorcycle camping. Except for the necessary biking gear, camping gear is important. Since you are going to camp out, you have to prepare yourself something like clothes, tent, meals, waterproof canvas, sleeping bag, cooking gear, cooking and eating stuffs, maintenance and emergency kits, torch and money. Among them, tent and food are the most important things to prepare. Meals need to be two kinds, perishable and non-perishable. Tent need to have good ventilation and should be waterproof.

Well, it is always good to try something new in your Harley motorcycle life. If you haven’t had a motorcycle camping on your motorcycle touring, then you should try it. With adequate preparation, a motorcycle camping can take you to feel more than you can imagine about the freedom and the nature.


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