5 Dating Tips for Harley Riders to Meet up for love

As long as you are a Harley motorcycle rider (women Harley rider or Harley guy), you may want to meet and ride with someone who is also a Harley Davidson motorcyclist enthusiast and can share the motorcycle riding lifestyle as yours. This article is to share some interesting dating ideas from other single motorcycle riders. When you have a dating plan with your Harley match, you need to find some common interest of you both first. Riding out together is your first choice since you two are rider. But ride for what? Blow are 6 funny ideas for your first motorcycle date with your special biker girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Riding for a Coffee
After some days or weeks of online communication with your girl or boy Harley partner, you can try to invite her or him to ride out together for a coffee as long as you two are in the same city or town. It is a good idea that you two can ride for a short motorcycle travel on one motorcycle. As a girl, you can try to ride on the back of your Harley man for your first riding out. Riding on one motorcycle gives you two more chances to communicate with each other, and talk more about him and you.  As a veteran motorcycle rider, he must know how to take care of you when riding on the road or in the street.

2.Riding to a Mountain
If you two have meet in real life for several times, and you both two want to try some motorcycle adventure, please try to plan a little long riding tour to a mountain near your city. As you know, all bikers including biker men or women have a character of adventure, so they always like to try some new things including riding on some new roads with new friends. Try to invite some of your riding partners to ride with you together for the factor of safety. What is more? It will help you know more about your biker boy or girl when you ride with his or her friends. They will tell you more about your biker friend's life.

3. Riding to the beach.
It is a most romantic scene when you take your girl to ride on the beach. When you know your biker girl's favorite subject is shells spotted on beach walks, it is time to plan a beach dating since you will have a great time with her. Rding to the seafront in your area and park the bike in the car park. Do not park your Harley motorcycle on the sandbeach since it will influence others. Kiss your girl when find a fit opportunity to say love.

4. Riding on the Favorite Roads of Your Two
There is nothing more romantic than riding on the road you two ever rided. That was fortunate for you when your Harley match can share the same things with you. Then, it is definitely a surprise that you two can share the same road connecting you two. Invit your boy to ride out for a lunch first, then enjoy the nice time of riding together on the same road on which you two ever ride when you born to ride.

5. Riding for a motorcycle tour or camping date.
Invite some biker friends and plan a long travel for about 5 or 7 days. A long motorcycle travel can help know more about someone's all-round ability including the EQ and IQ. For a long travel, you must invite some of your riding partners who can help more. After a long motorcycle travel, you two will know each other more. It is useful for you to decide to marry or split up.

These dating tips are provided by the biker dating site Biker Planet.


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