Why should you date a biker

Dating a biker has gradually become a trend these days for not only male Harley riders but also female Harley riders who are looking to lead an active social life. However, for a huge amount of people who are not sure about the advantages of dating a Harley motorcycle rider who are passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, the expert who has been giving out biker dating advice on the most famous free Harley dating site for more than a decade to take about the reasons why you should date a single Harley rider.

They are adventurous in a unique way
Once the topic of motorcycle riders or biker lovers is addressed, the very first image or impression that comes to us is how brave and adventurous they are. Compared to date someone who always want to fit into the line and rules, it would be a totally different experience for you to date a biker girls or biker guy who is born to go out of their comfort zones. If you are not adventurous yourself, maybe you need the adventurous kind of biker partner who compensate you in a way. That’s the first reason why you should date a motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy.

They are down to the earth
The idea of taking your date out for the first date might be a hard question for a huge number of Harley girls and Harley guys, since going to a fancy restaurant where a mouthful of steak cost a fortune is not easy for everyone. However, Harley women and Harley man are different from most of the people who love going to an expensive restaurant for a date. In opposite, it is quite easy but always fun to make them happy. Step one: take them on a motorcycle ride on a remote valley which is far away from the city, step two: invite them to the most popular food stand and buy them a greasy cheese burger will make your biker women or biker men more than satisfied!

They are tough and will never give up
Not everyone can be a good motorcycle rider who zoom out from your sight within a second on a giant motorcycle bike. Not the ones who are not brave enough, not the ones who are always hesitant about going out of their comfort zone, last but certainly not least, not the ones who are not persistent enough. To be a motorcycle women or motorcycle man who can manage to ride on a giant Harley Davidson bike, it takes a huge amount of time as well as energy to overcome countless falls and accidents. Thus if you are dating a biker, you are lucky because it is a slim chance that you find someone so persistent, so tough, so independent and not afraid of failures.

After reading about all the pros of dating a biker, I am pretty sure you are wondering about the cons. Keep a close eye and the related content will come out tomorrow!

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