All You Need to Know about His/Her Best Friend

How are you all the single Harley riders on the biker dating sites, here is a brand new session of biker dating tips. Let’s put on a scenario first to help you better understand the situation.

So things are going ridiculously well with your motorcycle man or motorcycle woman, to a point where you feel it’s time to get to meet the best friend of your Harley man or Harley woman. And now you have finally set up the date and location, however, didn’t expect “John is a big fan of Harley Davidson bike, I bet you will get along” the name John coming from your biker chick had your eyes dazzling for a second. (or Marry if you have a biker dude)

No matter how reluctant you feel to come to the fact, but it’s time to accept the fact that your biker man or biker woman has one bet friend of the opposite gender, moreover, straight. Knowing that there’s someone in the world who probably knows your Harley motorcycle enthusiast more than you do is hard to process. Furthermore, you don’t know if he will ever sabotage your relationship. So how do you handle all those worst case scenario pictured in your head? Following the motorcycle dating tips are all you need to know!

No matter how much dramas and TV series you have watched, dross all the scenarios of two best friends falling in love growing up which are rolling in your head, cool off and relax first. You are the boyfriend or girlfriend of your biker boyfriend of biker boyfriend, but not the John or Marry, that’s the whole point. Take a moment to reassure yourself before acting up on a seemingly disturbing fact will help you to picture a generous, understanding and respectful image of Harley motorcycle partner.

Step two is come to the realization that insecurity is not one of the attractive traits. It’s completely normal to pose a question about your current relationship with your biker guy and biker girl, however, showing too much insecurity does not only show that you are not confident of yourself, but also a pictures a doubting image of an insecure partner which might later do harms to the relationship. Thus don’t rush it to find the so-called answers, instead, take your time and the truth will eventually come to the surface.

Last but not least, meet the best friend and be the perfect motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes for your Harley partner. You have to eventually meet the imaginary enemy and off to the battle filed. And the perfect timing is now-the sooner, the better. While meeting the best friend of your biker gentleman or biker lady, avoid being overly aggressive or intimidating, instead, play the perfect motorcycle boyfriend or motorcycle girlfriend card to prove to not only John or Marry, but more importantly your Harley date that he/she has made the right choice by matching you on Harley dating sites.

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