How I Met My Harley Rider Online

Online Harley dating sites are famous for its convenience as well as high efficiency when it comes to establishing a professional platform for male Harley riders and female Harley riders to conduct an active social life in multiple ways. No matter your experiences with the like-minded biker girls or biker guys are positive or can still be improved, you should still love at this real love story happened between a biker women and biker man to get a deeper understanding of what Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle really means.

However, for a huge number of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who arelooking for the compatible single Harley rider online, using merely a couple of selfies and a few lines of bio to find a potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend doesn’t sound easy at all. However, it is an undeniable fact that online biker planet dating platforms have become an essential part of the social life of biker chicks and biker dudes. And therefore, Harley motorcycle riders should always keep a positive mind. And the 5 professional online motorcycle dating websites have interviewed 20 biker couples and have compiled 20 different real love stories between Harley girls and Harley guys who met each other on free motorcycle dating websites.

Rachel: I had been on online biker dating websites for about two years, and I had dated different Harley women and Harley men on and off during this period. Even though it didn’t work out with the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, but I had fun and spent quality times with biker babes and motorcycle babes who enjoy the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. And one day I saw Josh’s profile and he has left a deep impression to me because of the most genuine smile I have ever seen. And the fact that he is also a fan for Harley Davidson bikes attracts me a lot. Thus, seeing such a cute, honest and adventurous motorcycle dude has made me swipe right on him. After I matched with the Harley dude, we talked nonstop for a few days about everything ranging from motorcycle riding to our thoughts and ideas about the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Then after two weeks of talking, the Harley dude asked me out for a cup of coffee, and I replied: why don’t we go for a ride in the remote valley? Now that I am married with the motorcycle gentlemen for four years and we still bring up the first date a lot because it was the very first experience for both for us to go on a date on a Harley Davidson bike with the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes. 

When other men bikers and women bikers ask us how we met, we will proudly tell them that we met on the free motorcycle dating sites that every single Harley rider should give it a try. Because you will never know when you will run into the dream Harley chick or Harley dude.

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